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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> we are in norristown, the snow has start today fall, judges as you predicted change from rain to snow, again, norristown, montgomery county. >> and good morning to you. look at that lovely shot. >> good morning, everybody. >> yes, we need to hear that this morning on day like today. of course, we have your school closing and delays, scrolling at the bottom of your screen. i actually got tweet. someone wanted to know about the philadelphia schools, and they are closed. >> public and archdioces schools closed as are so many, sue, you had mentioned, is anything open today? we know that a lot of state offices are closed, courts are closed, someone tweeted will there be flyers game tonight? >> i don't think they decided on that yet tonight. >> i'm going tonight. well maybe not. >> hey list listen, they play on ice. >> what about the people getting there?
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>> boy that time, it will be winding down by then and the road should be cleared. >> 70:00; officially in hour two. so for snow day challenge, make sure that you use that hashtag #fox29snow. and send us your picture of hour two. we want to see if you can keep doing this every hour on the hour. great hour one picks, sue. cute. >> of course, friendly reminder we start at 3:00 a.m. just saying. >> true. >> snow day today, for bus stop buddy. he's all bundle up. numbers one out of ten today. yuck. there it is. the snow, the sleet, and the rain, like little layer cake, with the sleet in the middle. the snow is the icing, and then the rain is the cake. now snow in the philadelphia area, see when it starts to stick, when it starts to
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accumulate. coming up over the next couple of hours, winter weather advisory, yes, there is your clue, lasts until 7:00 p.m. with this snow piling up. and temperatures are getting lower, 33 degrees, now, in philadelphia. at 3:00 a.m., it was 38. so, you can see how far we've dropped. 36 degrees in wildwood. now, still seeing the change over, early afternoon have the bulk of our accumulating snow. this evening, as the snow tapers off, temperatures will plunge, and we have some places that will undoubtedly get record low temperatures overnight including here in philadelphia, where you have a good chance at least tying that record of 10 degrees i know bob kelly weeks said that before. >> i'm afraid folks won't heed our warning. this is the 24th storm of the season, check me if i'm wrong, i think the first time we'll really see some plowable measurable snow here.
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so, respect what mother nature is serving up for breakfast, the visibility, the road conditions are going south quick. here's a live look at route 309 northbound. an accident right near the norristown inch change. live look at i95, northeast philadelphia, where the roads go from wet from the rain, that first layer of sleet comes through, sue just mentioned, icing it over, and then quickly snow get put on top of that. so, that snow covered roadway, is covering over ice, layer cake out, there all hungry this morning, all the food mentioned. here ' a live look at the benny, you can barely make out mid-span coming into philadelphia. blue route, road conditions changing quickly rolling through the morning, accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, right near willow grove. this fellow one car spin out, he's facing the opposite direction. but, that shows you how
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quickly the conditions can change. good morning to germantown cars starting to get covered in the neighborhoods. snow emergency in philadelphia, that means no parking on the snow emergency routes. i put up on both my facebook page, and my twitter page, a list of the -- map of the city showing the snow emergency route, and where you can't park your car. there is no trash pick up today. if you are coming into the city. they're offering 5-dollar parking at three of the city-owned garages while that snow emergency is in effect. try to keep the cars off the streets. 5-dollar parking as they? emergency stays in effect. if you must get out there, two big work horses market frankford broad street subway. half of the market frankford line underground, entire subway underground, 99.99% of the time the two railroads here are the best way to go. the new jersey turnpike
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reduced speeds from exit one all the way up to the george washington bridge. and speed restrictions in play, as well, across all of the area bridge. chris, alex, back to you. >> 7:05. steve keel any south jersey, jenn fred interest checking the roads, and quince any center sit. >> i we head out to jennifer joyce in the pennsylvania suburbs for us right now, dregg he will hill, to be more exact, hi, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris, alec, where the snow continues to fall out here, probably have about quarter of an inch so far that's accumulating on the gown. looking rather pretty looking at the trees here, neighborhood. it looks really nice. not necessarily great to drive n we're keeping an eye out, though. watching the penndot trucks pass us by here along route one, drexel hill, they just
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came around the second time. they have to stop, to refuel, and they were just telling us, you know, they are in it for the long ham. they'll be out here until and probably even after the snow stop falling. they're out here taking care of us. seen number of school closures. you know, we've also been seeing a lot of people pass us by here. so, it is unclear, you know, in terms of get to go work this morning, if you have to go, you want to allow extra time. >> it is beautiful behind her. she beautiful in the foreground, as well. going to new jersey now. >> where steve keeley is in camden. >> hey, steve? >> i put the bishop use that is has with a -- hat back on, my alma matter, patty really was in my klaus, proud to graduate 154 out after class of 173, not bad.
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patty really, married jay wright, so, we're all from 1961. >> look, we're right here, and i want to show this. thirty-eight and 07 merging, this is where it is the most treacherous right now on these ramps. icy patches, curve to get on and off the highway. still going at the highway speed, hit the ramps and wonder why they are losing control. first accident on the other side on marlton pike, on 130. at one of those ramps. so take it easy on the ramp. slow down before you get to the ramps. you noah ramp is coming up. you drive this every day. now look in the other direction. you can see the snow really sticking to the cars that are park over there, and to the sidewalks. the only reason it is not sticking to these roads because the roads are so heavy from travel. al of the salt that they had
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is washed away by the rain overnight, so, nothing is on the roads, that's why they are getting icy right away, because the plow trucks just getting out now to put salt on the roads. so, looking this way, and we will look up. see the stuff sticking to the power lines, fortunately, right here, there is no trees over these power lines, but sometimes you don't even need a tree to fall into when there is heavy wet sticky snow even sticking to the traffic signs out here start sticking. and then up in the distance, see the glass bus stops. not always good idea to be that close to the road when you have these puddles forming on the side of the road. people are getting drenched waiting for the bus by people doing 50 miles per hour plus and hitting puddles gathering on the side, not worried about hydroplaning. a lot of dangers whether walking or driving, we look in the distance at bishop use that is prep, one of the schools not having school today here in new jersey, and across the river in philly. >> guys?
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>> archdioces schools, public schools, closed, as so many, and we'll scroll those at the bottom of your screen. >> checking in with penndot see what's happening on the roads. >> charlie metzger, good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> so 7:09. where are you guys right now? >> we still have our crews out. still applying our first layer of salt down. snow is starting to cover the roadways, and actually i pull over on the pennsylvania turnpike, making your way into the office in king of prussia from bucks county. and as i am making my way in toward montgomery county visibility starting to reduce little bit. person dot, down to 45 miles per hour, so we encourage motorist toss slow down if you have to move around today, make sure your headlights are clear, you remove all of the snow off your car, windshield wipers working properly, and you should be able to get where you're going pretty easy today. >> i know you are saying
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everyone neice to slow down, snow just start interesting, but have you dealt with any issues there this morning? >> been couple of slick spot, slush has developed on the roadway, the route i took in the warminster area, road pretty clear, pretty clear, and the turnpike doing good job, also. but, you know there is will be a long drawn out event. we're going to be experiencing some snow coverage will be coming down, an inch an hour, so roadways snow covered, and salt throughout the day. >> you know, charlie, we are of course focusing on the tri-state area. and the last hour, we talk to your counterpart, del dot, delaware. about potholes. last year the pothole issue just enormous, as the snowfalls it, creates hidden
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danger t covers up the pothole. you can't see then, even if you slow down, how is the pothole situation right now, more in eastern pennsylvania? >> well, we are experiencing the beginning of pothole season. freeze fall cycle, when the water gets down, freezes, expands, pushes up and out on the as all the f when it gets warm, the water contract, that's when the depression start, and when you add traffic, and another salt cycle, potholes are made. >> yes. >> maintenance hotline: 1800-fix-roads. call that, report the potholes, we'll get throughout within a day or so to fix them. >> that number will be busy in the next few weeks. >> for sure. we will be checking back in with you later this morning. riders making their twi work today. >> quincy harris checking in
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on them in center city, hi, quince. >> i hey, guys, moved to 30th street station. it is starting to get really messy out here. i went inside couple every trains from new york and dc have been cancel. dregg he will billboard right hearsays do you believe. >> i won't lie, at the beginning, i was thinking are we getting any accumulations in it is getting messy. yes, dow believe. this guy right here, what's your name? >> steven michael. >> where are you coming from, sir? >> germantown. >> okay. >> i live there. >> okay, i'm from germantown, as well. how was your commute coming in to the city this morning? >> well, slipping and sliding, roads are clear, but will turn to rain, i think, but got to be careful. slippery somewhat. >> definitely. >> the driver had no problem at the bus, the cars are
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running okay. >> thank you for your report. guys, please, if you do not have to go outside, don't come out here. it is really messy. i'm going to get this guy some coffee. wasn't some coffee. >> and quincy, thank you for your report. >> all right, guys. >> i love that whenever we send quincy out so many people are giving their own reports. >> he is just a fun guy to talk to, too. >> as is our caitlin roth, at fourth and market, checking out snow emergency routes for us, which of course is market street. and she's telling us not only to get your car out of there, if it hasn't been towed already -- >> well, today move your car, too, right? >> i d i was dumb enough to park on market street, and bob said, dude, you'll get like $300 expense here between not only do they ticket you or just tow you, bob? >> they tow you. >> and they're quick, they don't gave you a chance to bargain. >> if they have your car up, you're done.
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no putting back down. >> i always say the ppa don't play. not at all. >> caitlin, ready to go? >> i'm ready to go, guys. >> good morning. >> no playing around here. good morning to you both. for people who are out on the street, which we're seeing still septa cents -- buses going by, plenty of cars, some people still have to get to workment taking it slow. it is snowing. just starting to stick. already seeing slushy coating on some of the sidewalks, here, this is mainly on the brick, which scenes to freeze better or, excuse me, worse. not better. so we have some snow here. we'll show you what's going on on radar where, all morning long, been watching the snow line move from north to south. and right now the mix is generally or where you are seeing rain right now but it is about to change to snow, over part of south jersey and delaware, this radar's little bit ahead of what's actually
7:15 am
happening right outside. but i see it kind of gives you good clue if you're up in dover, cumberland county, millville, vineland, estell manor, you guys will be seeing that within the next hour, the change. here in philadelphia, it is snow falling from the sky, across 95, 76, 295, all of our major roadways. and that's that bright white you see up across portions of montgomery, bucks county, that's half i snow falling, or at least heavier. they transitioned a while ago, it is sticking, report of up to 2 inches in allentown where actually our northern suburbs are probably going to see the lease amount with this snow. the heaviest band, looks to set upright over philadelphia. so, temperatures are pretty key right now. >> below freezing up, bucks, northward, 33 in trenton, new jersey, 33 in philadelphia, as we slip below 33, within the next hour or two, expect that snow to really start to stick quickly. thirty-five still in atlantic city, 36 in wildwood. we've got snow all day long, and on top of that,
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temperatures close to maybe breaking some record lows, sue serio? the brutal cold still? >> true, yes. we'll have real cold morning. at this time we won't be talking about snow, we will be talking about single digit temperatures, at this time tomorrow morning. don't below freezing in the city, temperatures continue to fall throughout the day, not like normal day where temperatures rise during the day. coal air continues to filter in from the northwest, see the snow staying with us, through 1n at into n 28 degrees, through about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, then gets down to the mid 20's, and then we finally see it start to get out of here, six, will, 7:00. look at the temperatures going down, down, down, single digits by about 3:00 in the morning. fan we hit ten in philadelphia, we'll tie the record. one of the computer model there is one called the rpm, saying about six and a half
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inches for philadelphia, little bit more to the south. down at the shore points, maybe not as much. but you see one to 3 inches possible in mount pocono, when all is said and done, maybe two, four, no more than that. so visibility is pretty poor, as you try to navigate around. and we don't recommend it, as conditions worsen, but.l of a mile less than mile visibility, at philadelphia international airport. the weather wasn't enough to delay flights, that's going to delay even more. so, that's the situation with visibility. our watches and warnings continue through 7:00 tonight. so, hunker down, for all-day event for this one, with anywhere from five to 8 inches, few places will get more, few places to the north of us, will get less. and then we bring you the much awaited seven day forecast, and the reason we want to look at this is because we have something to look forward to first the weekend when it dries out, maybe not the spring forward but the time change, lose hour of sleep. but by the time it comes to the middle of next week we
7:18 am
could see temperatures in the 50's. bob kelly, that's where we want to be. >> i know this tractor-trailer driver, live look at the ram from market street, right up the street here. to head south on i-95. take a look, first every all, no tractor-trailers permitted on this ramp to begin with. he's sideways. see him right here, across the ramp. so there is no access from center city to head south on i-95. go ahead. >> it happens at least once a week. where they try to make that turn. >> giant sign there, too, that says no tractor-trailers. so this is going to be a mess. just what we node. now we got to pull crews off the street here and try to get him out. from center city if you need to head to the airport, great access, use the seventh street ramp there off the vine st. local. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway right near gladwynn, starting to the difference in color on rolled surface, far left or ride side of the
7:19 am
lane starting to get snow covered. remember we went from rain, or the melting, to a layer of sleet, and now the snow, coming in on top of it there. that's the schuylkill expressway. here is a live look at the fly-over ramps in king of prussia, right near the king of prussia mall area. 202, 422, again, you got the ramps that have tendency to freeze before the actual road surface, and here's a live look at the blue route, 476, this is really going downhill south in the last couple every minute or so, as you can see, starting to get partially snow covered. snow emergency in filled i, no parking on the snow emergency route. no trash pick up. they are putting the plows on front of the trash trucks there. and then, because of the no parking, they have three of the city parking garages, that are offering discounted parking at five bucks here, downtown, if you really must head to work, the market frankford, broad street subway are the two big work horses, new jersey turnpike has a speed seasick sean exit one all the way up to the george washington bridge.
7:20 am
septa circumstances the 35 bus is suspended and there is about 24 other bus route, that are on a local detour. chris, alec, back to you. >> you mentioned tonight you're going to the flyers game. >> i'm supposed to. >> well, i just heard from sarah through text that, yes, the game is still on tonight at the wells fargo center very good. i sent her e-mail, too, you know, tonight, let's go flyers. >> what better way to enjoy a snow day than to cap it off with a game there at the wells fargo center. >> true, they're playing the st. louis blues. so this is our hour two photo. from the crew here on "good day" using the hashtag #fox29snow. we have people joining in on the fun. steve says starting here in barrington for hour two. stay tuned before for one hour, will do that one to catch many. jacky says hour two guess what it is still snowing. yeah, wanted to get creative as these hours roll on. thanks, sending in the snow as these hours roll on. thanks, sending in the snow pick
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>> driving in from berks county, you can see, the roads are, well, they're clear now, but look at the sides. roads a lot of snow accumulating. >> seem to be moving -- >> fox 29 snow day, use the hashtag #fox29snow. let us know where you are. >> seems to be moving steadily, but moving slow, which is good. >> yes. we love seeing your pictures, that said, with that hashtag. lauren johnson looking through some of the photos coming in, hi, lauren? hello, so chris, alex, you can tell like this is twitter picture over here is an inch stomach gram photo. so can keep up, tag war, everyone sending in pictures, so fancy. let's start over here. she says: oh, okay. rubin, oh, come on. i knew it was going to do this to me eventually. >> you need some help? >> live tv, right, lauren? >> michelle, boom. my girl bailey has her scarf on, ready to tackle the snow. alex hole. >> i fashionable. >> see what the next one is
7:25 am
naturally sweet says snowing heavy near collegeville. ya, pretty good coating out there. don't do that to me, on tv. >> come on, lauren? one finger, tom told me one finger. brittany lynn, snow coming down her any norristown, pa, enjoying my coffee, watching the snowfall, of course you better be watching fox 29, brittany. do one more, see who this is, dottie sent us this cutie. someone doesn't want to go out in the snow. >> look at the toys that puppy has to play with over there, right? cuteness. >> yes, keep sending in your photos. and we get them in, we can put them on tv, if it is going to act right? >> there is an hour two photo. >> oh, ya, your challenge, hour two. >> this one? >> another hour two from steve. >> from steve. have you seen that one already? am i going through old ones? >> another hour two, look there is one has a plow actually in that photo. so we can see. >> real good one. >> because you said to people we got to start getting create of. people have to get creative. send us your pictures, put them here on the tag board being talk about them, all morning long. >> i love the dog pictures,
7:26 am
because one of those things where the dogs don't want to go out in the stuff. need the potty breaks. so we're yelling at the kids all the time, play with wilson, play with wilson. because he needs to play. >> ya. >> so the kids are like okay, and they do little tug of war with them. be sure the dogs have decent snow day, too. >> i love the pet pictures. >> rivers and lakes across the north eat, well, they are frozen a lot of them because of the low temperatures of course. >> no different for the waterways here at home. snow look at the schuylkill in philadelphia on sunday. >> this video shot from a drone. wow. that's pretty cool. nice aerial shot there. >> you can just skate across that. well, might not be too safe. >> see the sun out? >> that cents with a end there is this is now. we have snow falling, those big wet flakes here in old city, and probably where you are, depending on where you are, but we'll tell you where it is doing where you are, and how much you'll
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i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
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there is no ice -- >> i know! >> all kind of ways to slide outside. >> to keep you safe, of course, schools are closed, we're going to scroll those on
7:30 am
the bottom of your screen. i can't imagine these schools will be open, that is including philadelphia schools, archdioces schools. >> my kid: do you think we'll have off? they've been dying for a snow day, all of the snow days so far have been just like two hour delays? >> and in the where you can real i go sledding. >> right. it will be a good one. >> i think we're going to your house. >> yes, good hill out there. >> yes, my possible tear year felt it yesterday. even when there is no school, bus stop buddy working, make sure you're ready for the falling temperatures, because yes, it was in the 40's yesterday, but temperatures are at or below freezing in many places, now, and only going to get lower, so, then you can have some fun in the snow. now, we have weather by the numbers, oh, we don't do this very often. a one out of ten today. travel as you're about to find out with bob kelly, will be a bit of a challenge, this
7:31 am
morning. so snow? white, purpose nel pink, that's sleet, at least in the atmosphere, probably making it to the ground, rain to the south of us, in southern delaware, and some part of the jersey shore, so, you got to be careful, because it is changing, as the morning goes along, but colder air moving in from south to north. and we have temperatures that are below freezing, in lancaster, reading, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, right at freezing in trenton, 33 in philadelphia, and wilmington, and then still in the mid 30's in dover, wildwood, atlantic city. so breaking this all down for you, the rain changing over to snow. still, happening, from northwest to southeast, and through early afternoon when we will see the bulk that far accumulating snow. because as the temperatures drop, the snow will start to pile up. and this evening, as the snow tapers off, temperatures will plunge, see record low temperatures overnight. that's whole different weather story. let's get through this stronger. storm and see where the
7:32 am
greatest challenges are, bob kelly. >> it is not that bad? i'm telling you, it is getting worse, and it is getting bad quick. because again, we went from the melting snow, wet roads, to then that layer of sleet that came through, and then we're get that light snow on top of that. so let's begin little trip around town. this is route 202. slower than normal speeds, penndot getting ready to put down the layer of saltment example of route 422 for the gang coming in from volume edge ville. the blue route just again 5 miles away can make a difference of just wet roads, or partially snow covered roads. soap, here's a live look, 476, right near saint david's, villanova. but then look at northeast philly, still wet here, on i-95, but, this is the stage where we go from the wet roads, to that sleet, and then we get the snow. and watch it, all of the bridges have speed restrictions, in play, the betsy, the benny, the whitman,
7:33 am
three separate accidents, on i-295. in the same stretch, shows folks are getting false sense of security, driving along, just wet watch are they talking about? i don't see any snow. but, it is that iced over roadway that they're actually starting to roll on three crashes shall between florence columbus, route 541, snow schedule for patco, five to 7:00 a.m., we go trains every 15 minute, that's gone, have to update that one running trains every tent minute. septa has 359 bus suspended, about 24 hour bursts on detour, 101 trolley uses buses from end to end. that's all because of the melting snow caused flooding on the tracks in delaware county, back to you. >> all right, thank you, bob. with the snow emergency in place, several inches of snow predicted, public transit be your best bet for travel today.
7:34 am
>> heather, good morning. >> good morning,. >> so, what's the latest? >> operating on normal weekday schedule, regional rail, we have some minor delays, on some of the trains out there. but, we're really good on regional rail at this point. you know, norristown high-speed line operating, but we're making all stops every 15 minute. market frankford line is not operating. the ab express service all trains making all stops. and that's for the people out there for their convenience in this weather. the one condition, one problem we have right now, some of the route of our buses, we have about 28 buses on detour at this point. >> have there any buses routes been suspended yet? >> the route 35 has been suspended, that runs manayunk, roxborough, with all of the hills, just not safe for our passengers and for operators to have those buses out on that route.
7:35 am
otherwise 28 other detours all listed on our website. >> according to quincy harris, seeing some concellations or delays from dc, new york and those directions? >> yes, we haven't had any rail issues yet. and we do operate amtrak territory berks haven't had any word from amtrak yet affecting our service. >> heather from septa, thanks so much. appreciate your time. >> no problem. >> and i've been checking their twitter feed. when it comes to the trains, having like 13, 14 minute delays. but there are some people who still have to go to work today. so at least get going just little later. >> nothing worse than standing out in this stuff waiting for treanor bus. >> okay, let's look at some pictures, remember, use the hashtag #fox29snow. >> this one from jack johnson t says winter wonderland. nice picture there. and then oh, look at this. this is from stephanie. taking a nap during this snow day. this is a good day to take a nap, isn't it? >> i wish i could take one right now. jenn fred, how are the roads looking for you, my friend? >> the roads are looking okay. we're in norristown, we just
7:36 am
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>> liver picture from cherry hill, union. >> just got a text from clayton, just started snowing there. let guess to jenn fred. she is roving in the suburbs, good morning, jen. >> goods morning to you, i have to say, big hello once again to the norristown fire department. quint 27. rich, hello. apparently steve keeley sent picture couple of weeks ago to his father-in-law, in gall way, ireland. pretty cool. keeping it irishment even though look, guys, it is plenty white outside.
7:40 am
so this is headed toward dekalb street. so, dekalb is right here, this is norristown, and we've been all around, montgomery county this morning. >> been to douglassville, pottstown, pretty much how the transition is going. so some of the main roads are a little bit more clear than this. and guys, i can tell you, unlike, you know, some earlier storms this year, we are seeing plenty of plows. now, about an hour ago, there wasn't so much to plow. certain had the salt on the roads. you know, we talk about it, have been on the air since 3:00 a.m. early this morning, a lot of rain, and because of that, even when those snow started, the white stuff wasn't sticking. well, ladies, gentlemen, the white stuff is certainly sticking, and so now you see, why schools are closed in and around montgomery county. so, the side roads certainly still get by them. you might want to make sure to have a car that can go in snow
7:41 am
as you can see the roads are covered. >> mine is horrible. i have rear wheel drive. i have to get a new car, it is always doing this, not safe to drive with a car like that in this casino of stuff. >> four wheel drive. >> let's check in with caitlin. we're starting to see it come down. i keep looking back out at the window. >> i know, guys look out the window here, it is coming down hard. snot really sticking, and accumulating too much. we've kind of got slushy coating on the sidewalk here at fourth and market. but the transition continues, word of the day, by the way, transition. we'll have much more on the here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence,
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7:44 am
lease an mkc for $349 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer. >> getting a nice coating there, and then nice conditions for the weekend in the poconos. >> old city, keep looking back, first rain, now getting to see the snow, now starting to stick, slowly, but surely, right, caitlin? >> alex, i would say about half inch of slushy mess accumulated on the sidewalks here. so it is sticking. but still that wet snow. sloppy, doesn't really look
7:45 am
like it is piling up as snow, piles right now, but see mower that far as we town see our temperatures drop, then gets cold enough, the snow sticks better, and you get those piles building. but, for now, it is just this slippery, slushy type every messiness, but a lot of snow falling still the wet snow, meaning, we haven't really fully transitioned over into the total cold air, total nothing but snow, you see the pile up. i said going into the break, that's our cliche of the day. cliche transition g. it does start to stick in the next 12 hours, so probably isn't the last time i say t checking radar, i show this transition, where is the snow, all of the white, southeast pa down through philadelphia, snowing, into end interior south jersey, mix pink line right along central delaware into southern new jersey. although it is still rainingment cape may county, light snow here in philadelphia. and where you see the white, that's steadier snow, at least all snow, temperatures are
7:46 am
just agree or two colder, in parts of montgomery and bucks. little lighter up in allentown, where you are just seeing snow, it you just don't have the heaviest amount of moisture up there. so accumulations will be little less in the lehigh valley and the poconos. as i allude dollars to temperatures are key. just at 33 degrees in philadelphia, when we go down an agree or two which we will by mid-morning, start to see it stick. regardless it is slow on the roads, that slush will cause slippery conditions, too. temperatures right now, see -- sue, i think i saw the pin pick up, too, naught that it will be a big issue, but makes for more hazards, lower visibility that eve ' been showing all morning long. >> just getting worse, what we said would happen. on our way to pretty decent snowfall. so we've got the cold front. that has already come through, casino of stalled, just to the south of our viewing area see
7:47 am
low pressure traveling along the front, precipitation, extends all the way down it texas right now, but the bulk of the moisture sigh another round at least coming through late morning, early afternoon, then by about 7:00, 8:00. at the latest should be out of here, then arctic air back again, coal temperatures as the skies clear, temperatures will plummet tonight to record low levels, five to l inches is our general estimate. one of the bands could set up south of the delaware river few less inches of accumulation to the north of us. >> snow this season, 4.8 inches, saturday, february 216789 that gives us seasonal total of 15 and a half inches which is under what a normal snow year would be for us, snow season, 21.8, 22 inches round it off.
7:48 am
>> 7:00 p.m., how long the storm could last, visibility is getting worse and worse every time we look at the map, half mile in reading, lancaster, here in trenton, in philadelphia, .8 of a mile at the airport, even less, in other places, so, visibility is an issue, as women. so snow day for sure already had high temperature in the upper 30s, we'll see temperatures drop throughout the rest of the day, bitter cold tomorrow, but improvement over the weaken. >> time change this weekend, we will wake up, not know what timing it, but happens twice a year, bob kelly, here we go. 7:48, sue, good morning, live look, quick tour, around with our jam cams, snow cams, this morning, live look, at the schuylkill expressway. >> 476 good handle on it putting down layer of salt, you can see the flakes
7:49 am
starting to get big, and actually start to coat the center dividing line. inbetween the left and right lane live look at the ben franklin bridge, poor visibility, knocking the speeds down to 35 miles an hour. going out to route 202, limb kyle n pike, remember, we started out with wet roads, the rain, then got slick is her surface, freezing rain, snow on top. right here, what's underneath this little coating of snow is ice, careful careful, second day roads, side street, everything treated because they couldn't put the brian down last night. take a look at this, picture sent to us here. >> reduced the speeds down to 45 miles an hour, from the new jersey connector all the way out past morgantown.
7:50 am
>> septa bus, being told, there were 4-mile or injuries to passengers. >> northbound add amount, police there on the scene again the route one bus that travels up the boulevard, roosevelt boulevard outer drive there block, at adam's, chris, alex being back to you. >> let's hit back outside, shall we? >> now, look, we showed you these mountains of snow. i climb up one, believe it or not. i climb up on the other side, so nobody would see me fall if i fell. i was smart. all right, now, i'm even more stupid because i climb up this thing, and very slippery, and i promise i wouldn't sue if i fell. keith, so, you've been plowing this parking lot here, with the whole foods, elsburg shopping center route 70. and you got to wait for a little bit longer, than you
7:51 am
thought. before you can really start plowing. now, you got probably the biggest plow, the casino of stuff they use to clear the airport runways, but you can't use something this big. >> not enough to plow yet? >> not yet. give it another inch. hopefully sooner than later, no the waiting for nothing how high? >> as high as i can. >> you are running out of spots pushing like 100 spots, very popular here. >> weighing ' take one, two spots. >> how high have you ever gotten, like as high as the street lights like in buff flow. >> not that high. >> the street lights, that's how high they would pile snow in malls. >> i can imagine. >> but then becomes dangerous, idiot report heres think they want to climb up the top like me and chris o'connell. >> or little kids who want to
7:52 am
shred off of it while you're trying to plow. >> i found beer and cigarette butts, someone up there trying to party. >> no compliment. >> not you? >> no. >> like mount evrest up there. you'll try get this high. biggest snowfall of the year, you'll put new snow on top of the old snow, that's the flan. >> that's what i'll do. >> whole foods normally open at 8:00. sad thing, people are coming out now it beat the worse of the storm. i just tweet add picture of dear old lady 80 years old, and she has to come back at 10:00 because they'll open two hours late, due to inclement weather, now people have to drive in worse conditions, get in keith's way. have you ever been in a accident? he said this close. because people still drive around them like lunatics in these parking lots. he has cones out there in the lot, to make sure he doesn't plow over the drains, and you don't just trust people, do you? even coming into a store, they're in a rush? >> always. specially when it is snowing. >> all right, have fun today.
7:53 am
guy with great attitude. normally brick layer fortune and guys, and he's going to take off from the brick layer job, do good deed for the people here at the elsburg shopping center today. if i fall off of this, you'll miss it, because i won't go down until we're off the air. >> hey, steve? safety first. >> yes. >> all right, budd. >> i you know, steve has a special relationship with snow plows, like at that. >> went viral. >> how about the airport? let's check in now on the conditions there. >> so getting live look there. so we will check in just a little bit. been hearing about a lot of delays and concellations there.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> chris, first looked at this, is that the airport? >> that's philadelphia international airport, where they have all kind of
7:57 am
concellations and declares. mary joining us from philadelphia international airport. last spoke to you about an hour, hour and a half ago, some 250 flights affected by. >> this how does it stand now? >> now, chris, numbers inning up to close to 300. we've had updated information, from the airlines. as they make their plans, going forward today. >> and last time we talked to you, you told us about this one flight to boston that somehow some way was still getting out. is it still going? >> what's going out flights to the caribbeans. big push to get them all out. >> oh, make me sick. >> must be nice. >> come on! people are flying right now to somewhere tropical? >> well, they are trying to. you know, those flights were scheduled to depart. some of them have been moved up to even get them out early now. so that's why we're encouraging people to check with their airline. >> top priority, trying to get to the caribbean, you got to go, move it up. >> envious, looking at the
7:58 am
live radar picture we're all stuck in this mess. >> great thing if you have a cancellation, people new this was coming and they can switch their flights. >> that's right. check with your airline, many of the air lives have waived their re booking fee. >> take us through now looking at the forecast here, not only got quite a bit of accumulation, not only on the tarmac, but everything around the airport, and then, tomorrow, sue serio's forecasting perhaps record low temperatures, in the single digit potentially, all time low is 10 degrees for tomorrow. how does that affect flights potentially, because at least the skies will be clear. >> that's right. it will be up to the airlines to decide, you know, how they schedule their flights through the rest of the day, into the evening, and then for tomorrow morning, they are already looking ahead to tomorrow morning, trying to figure out, you know, what's the best -- where is the best place to put their planes through the evening, through the cold evening, knowing that if it drops down that low, all of these planes that are outside overnight are going to have to be de-iced. >> okay. >> mary, we will let you go for just a minute, because bob kelly has an update on a road
7:59 am
near philly international airport. >> yes, good morning, everybody. here's a live look at i95, right at the airport exit. look in the middle of your screen there, that's a vehicle that's sideways, across what would be that left express lane. this is i-95, heading south, right at the airport, so obviously slippery roads, and we just had a police car pull up to the scene there. so if you are headed down to the airport, look out, it is slippery. getting down there, along i-95. >> thank you, bob. >> and again the airport itself as mary just reported some 300 flights, either canceled or delayed, and we always say it, but today it is imperitive. do you have call ahead. >> true. >> do you have check and see. okay, good day to you, it is thursday, march 5th, 2015. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". we could have the biggest plow day, and that means the biggest business day, for all of those landscaping companies, and plowing of snow companies, including one owned by this lovely woman,
8:00 am
michelle, the big boss here, with big job ahead, they tell us, jennifer joyce, they plow these piles of snow so high the kids in cherry hill, i'm sure your one little brat did this, they snow board down these mountains. that's how high they get. >> i see where they're coming from, live in delaware county, snow absolutely fun, if you slay in it, but if you have to drive in it, different story, as the conditions here are deteriorating, and, quincy, what's happening on q street? >> you know, q street, 30th street station right now, a lot of concellations, going on, the snow is picking up. but the best part of the day is you can do car art. okay? this is my car art. jen, what are you doing? >> hey, we're in montgomery county now, but as we head along germantown pike, we are headed to breaking news, we're told, there was septa accident, at the corner of
8:01 am
roosevelt boulevard, and allen grove street. guys, here is the bad news, we do believe at least four people are injured. so again, we are in route to some breaking news this morning. >> and of course bob kelly is on top of that for us, as well as the accident right by philadelphia international airport. at least the traffic trouble there. >> yes, four people that are on that septa bus, it is a route one bus, that uses the stretch of the roosevelt boulevard, right by adams, rye by the old sewer building, to gave you a idea, four people on the bus, according to septa, septa, one. buses, and another vehicle, still trying to get all of the details, but it is northbound on the boulevard, we'll have more information as soon that is comes in. >> i'm sure we will be checking in with septa. getting word of more closings this morning, jess, what closing was it? >> bucks county evidently offices close there in the county. and it is imperitive really for these governmental institutions to kind of say hey don't come n court are closed in philadelphia. schools closed because it is just not safe to get around in this kind of stuff. >> more people who are not on the roads, the easier it is to
8:02 am
get the roads cleared off. and now they've all been watching the forecast, so significant snowfall, so, you know, it is getting a little more serious now, and it is getting to the point where the snow is starting to stick, the road conditions are deteriorating, you'll be hearing all about that, let's talk about it, with bus stop buddy, of course when the kids are ready to play in the snow, little later on in the day, that is what they'll have to be wearing. a lot of layers out, there one out of ten today, in your weather by the numbers, as we say, conditions deteriorating, looks like heaviest snow band moving through chester county, and montgomery and bucks, right now, lighter snow everywhere else. you see the purple, that is where it is sleet and freezing rain, frozen precipitation, very sleet, down in kent county, delaware. and at the jersey shore, as well, at least part of cape may county so we have now 19 degrees in mount pocono, 33 in philadelphia, below freezing in lancaster, pottstown, reading, allentown,
8:03 am
33 in wilmington, now down to 34 degrees in atlantic city, and cape lit rot is outside to break it all down, and let us know what happens next. >> that's right. thank you, sue, out here at fourth and market, it has been snowing for the past two hours. but, kind that far wet, heavier snow, that's giving us accumulation, but the slushier type, look at our salt guys out, hard-working this morning, they are coating those sidewalks, with the salt right now, on market street. we appreciate all of your help, guys, thanks so much. because for us brave souls, like this gentleman right hire, with his umbrella, who has to walk into work, whether it is fox 29 or anywhere, you got to walk on the sidewalks, so we appreciate everyone's help with that. all right, we've got light accumulations right now, as we go through the rest of the day, that area of rain will keep transitioning to snow, and that wet snow will become the fluffier drier snow that's easier, to pack up. some of you still seeing rain, in part of jersey, delaware, give it another hour or two for you guys, start to switch over. so through early afternoon the bulk of the accumulation will
8:04 am
occur still thinking of several inches for philadelphia, and the highest will be just south and east of the sit at this self. this evening, the snow tapers off. i'm going to say by about 7:00 just in time for the flyers game is over. then the temperatures plunge overnight, possibly talking about record low temperatures, which bridges on a whole other crop of problems, re-freezing, that's for early tomorrow morning, but for this morning, outside, couple of cars moving by slowly, and fine, i've seen some septa buses but we have major septa accident to report on, as we go back inside to bob kelly and say good morning to you, bob. >> caitlin, yes, common in and get a hot cup of coffee. here is the latest on it breaking news, with a accident, involving a septa bus, i talked to septa, they said the bus was struck by another vehicle, there are four people with injuries that were on the septa bus itself this morning, northbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard, at adams avenue, folks familiar, that's right, there by where the old sears building use today circumstances the busy stretch of the billion dollars, the route one bus, so, again, that's all we know
8:05 am
at the moment. we have jen on the way, we'll take you there live when she arrives, here is the other crash looking at. this is a live look, at i-95, southbound, right in front of the airport, right at the airport curve. right here, see this vehicle? sideways, that kind of gives you example how slick the road conditions are, don't get sense every security, rent aren't wet from rain. they're wet from the freezing rain that we received. we went from rain on the overnight, to that freezing rain, and then the change-over to snow. and that's a live look there, at i-95. we will take one of the other cameras here, we go to up route 202, up near the limekiln pike, again starting to seat roads get snow covered. and here is a live look, this is 476, coming out of mid-countiment looks like plow truck, rolled off, on to the shoulder here. but one to also point out with the light volume, the salt trucks lay down that layer of salt, but also needs some traffic in order to keep that,
8:06 am
to grind that salt into the roadway, the market frankford line, no express service this morning, if you really must they had work or school today, the market frankford, the broad street subway, that's the best way to go. chris, alex, back up to. >> in chestnut hill, looks like parking lot, at least three, four buses stuck, tractor-trailer and about ten cars are stuck by bells mills road. >> that's what happens. all it takes for one truck or one bus to get stuck on germantown avenue. that's where we shot the uptown funk video. you can't go around it. and that just casino of snowballs, if you may, throughout that morning, so, if you really don't have to go out, i would just stay put for right now. >> he even said he has four wheel drive, couldn't make it back. >> yes, and only will get worse, so let's bring in our jennifer joyce, now at drexel hill. jennifer, good morning. >> number of schools closed in the area, so if you are home today, it is fun to play in.
8:07 am
this is truly great. snowball snow. so, if i can do it, anybody can do it. >> so, we are having a little bit of fun out here. i wouldn't necessarily recommends driving. actually we talk to this man over here, steam. he's been out here, driving, had to come get his dunkin, right? now, steve, right? so steve, where he can actually do you live, what town? >> right here in springfield. >> okay, sorry, we ran out of cable. would you mind coming out to talk to us? >> so talk, how far did you travel to get here? >> i'm about five minutes away right here in springfield. >> talk a little bit about the roads. >> the main roads aren't, i mean, they are starting to get, definitely getting worse. but the back roads are totally snow covered. and it is a little difficult getting around. but needed to get out. my wife sent me out for coffee and donut, so toyed get out, and the boys wanted hash browns. so -- >> so we can't keep up. that's an order you have to get back to her. thank you so much for that insight. we appreciate t take care. that's interesting that he said the back roads are covered. and that's pretty much what is expected.
8:08 am
our vantage point here, we haven't driven on the roads since the snow started. so, the roads look fairly clear, and we have seen penndot travel through this area, this is route one, so main road, so, it looks like they're doing good job out here, obviously if you do have to go out, you want to be careful, because a lot of the roads are not passable. they haven't gotten everywhere just yet. back to you guys. >> and speaking of delaware county, we just got tweet from jessica, saying, delaware county government offices are closed, as well. we plan sean bucks county closed just few minutes ago. we just got that confirmed, thanks for tweeting in. and know reason to head out on the roads if you work for the government offices. >> that's true, even though we are seeing some closing when it comes to school and work offices some people still have to go somewhere. they have to get to work. so, quincy harris is out catching up with them, in center city. hey, quincey? >> hey, our wires are about to get caught by this plow here. hey, how are you guys doing? guys, i always wanted to do this. guys, it is so just hard out here to even hear you guys. it is very windy. the snow is coming down.
8:09 am
it is whipping. and velocity, i can hardly hear you. i mean, it is okay. we've been out here since about 3:00. the conditions are getting worse. from rain to freezing rain to snow, and i have this guy right here, this is steven pendergrass, no relation to teddy. how are you doing,er? >> doing fine. >> okay, where are you coming from? >> coming from bensalem, pennsylvania. >> okay, so, you are at work but your job let you out early today? >> right. yes. it was supposed to be open at 10:00 o'clock. i wasn't aware of. that will i came in, this is my regular tour, my tour starts at 7:00. so i was going to go out to eat breakfast, come back at ten. all the sudden i came back to my desk they said the build something close the. i said fine. now i have nice four day weekend, off on friday's. >> okay, well, good luck to you, you're a toronto fan. >> yes, toronto fan. >> we don't like that. >> oh, come on. >> you could be fail fan. >> i'm seahawks fan, too. >> let's get you out of here. it was nice, mr. pendergrassment back to you guys in the studio.
8:10 am
getting worse out here, guys. >> at least not a dallas cowboys fan. >> at least. if he was a dallas cowboys fan i would have tackled him. >> right. >> are we sure no relation to teddy pendergrass? >> little bit after stretch. i'm not related to eddie murphy. >> it is a weather tko. >> oh, nice. >> so we're continuing to track this storm. stay with us, because, sue will have your full forecast next. >> first, let's keep these pictures coming, guys. tweet us with the hashtag #fox29snow. >> so this one says happy first snow day, with new baby brother, only ten days old, that's so cute. hashtag port richmond. and this one says, getting snow day phillies out early, while mom watches the the news. love. that will remember if you tweet us, facebook us, instagram us, use the hashtag #fox29snowment look at the clock, it is hour three, so it is hour three of our fox 29 snow pick challenge, sends us your pictures, update montgomery county government offices closed, as
8:11 am
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>> beautiful shot there. >> beautiful building. >> yes, sue, we're really seeing it now. >> yes, and, old city architecture, some of it just so cool. all right, here's what we got on radar. we had the rain, changing over to snow, and some cases like southern delaware, it is still raining, but, all that cold air is moving southward. just took a little bit longer than originally anticipated for the change-over to happen. but in the middle of it now with snow in our area. almost looks likes little jelly sandwich here. doesn't? with the purple here. that's the sleet and freezing rain, and then, to the south, there is rain to the north, it is snow, where there is white. so, this is where it is really slick and slippery, cumberland county here, around dover, delaware, kent county, delaware, here in philadelphia, starting to seymour snow than rain, or sleet, although it tends to transition back little bit, oops, there is that word again, go up to the north
8:15 am
around to you minute zone, doylestown, the snow's starting to add up, continues to accumulate there. as temperatures drop, mount pocono, it is only 19 degrees, it is 30 in pottstown, 31 lancaster, where just agree above freezing in philadelphia, once we get down into the 20's, we will pretty soon, then we really see the snow totals add up. thirty-four atlantic city and 36 degrees in wildwood. so those are your temperatures right now, as it gets colder, from north to south, and experiencing all of the different kinds of weather outside, caitlin, you said every time you go outside, it is a little bit different than the last time you were outside? >> yes, guess what, different again, sue. >> a lot of snow. >> real i we are cooking with gas now, outside our old city studios, coat egg of the real white fluffy stuff. not the slushy wet heavy snow that we saw earlier, not the slick sleet snow that we saw about 30 minutes ago. now, it is full-on heavy snow,
8:16 am
sticking and coating all you need is that initial coating on the gown, and then you can really watch the snow pile up. it is getting kind of windy out here, too, so drift ago bit. not drifting but at least causing visibility to be lower, as we're kind of in the snow globe right now. it is definitely coming down, and as this morning has been all about transitioning, our word of the day, i think we've now reached new stage of transitioning. so we get back to the maps and show you what to expect for the rest of the afternoon, fox future cast showing all of that blue, snow line overtaking the rain line slowly into south jersey and delaware, by 11:00 a.m. noon, it is reached cape may county probably not until later this afternoon we reach the southern tip of delaware, but the heaviest snow still not sweet spot from dover up through vineland, mill individual, toward atlantic city snow continues all afternoon, we start to dry out by this evening. >> that's many, many hours away, so we've got all day snow event, schools are closed, many businesses are closed. a lot of people staying off
8:17 am
the roads, as they should. because now that we're really starting to get into the thick of it, we'll see these accumulations. five to 8:00 expected for philadelphia, three to five just northwest of here, where towelly the snow will end quicker this afternoon, and that area of concern, central delaware to central south jersey. watches and warnings go until 7:00 p.m. that's what we're expecting out here, and even though bob kelly the cars have been wizzing by me on market street, i think they'll be slowing down in the city. now i've seen that already north and west, with the accidents, where they have the accumulating snow already. >> they get that false sense of security there, road looks wet, but really not wet, it is iced over. remember, we have some rain, to the sleet, and now to the snow. here is live look at i95, an accident, you think you're having bad start to the day. look at this fellow sideways across the 95. the southbound lanes of 95, right at philadelphia international airport. there is the exit far left, for the airport, and you can see how the road conditions
8:18 am
are going south, pretty quickly. so, i would stay home, take the day, eat all of the milk, bread and eggs that we all had to go buy yesterday at the store, here is a opportunity for to you clean out the refrigerator. >> speed restrictions on all of the bridges. now, good news, roosevelt boulevard, that accident involving the septa bus, four people on the bus taken to local hospital. that will crash now cleared, on the northbound side, three separate accident here up and down i-295, again, the road conditions are going south. and let's go south. let's go down to the first state, the state of delaware, and bring in jim westoff from del dot. jim, good morning. >> good morning. >> how are the roads conditions down in delaware, and the crews making out so far? >> right now, we are getting snow up north, new castle county, crews are salting and
8:19 am
plowing up there. and all the way down here, sussex county, we still just have rain. so, you know, we have wide -- >> you there, jim? live look at delaware, route seven, down there, delaware, sounds like, we must have lost the connection there, with jim. but again -- >> jim, you there? all right, we come back to jim, check in with him, and the next time around. here is live look at route seven down in delaware, so again, del dot, penndot, new jersey dot, they got all of the salt trucks a handle on freezing rain that fell before the snow start today roll n back to you. >> thank you, bokment be sure keep the pictures coming, too, tweet us, facebook us, post the picks to instagram. how about this one? this is from ray. say we would rather be building sand castle. i agree, ray. good suggestion there.
8:20 am
and then love family animals says careful, steve, jen, walking in. >> this our bella loves it, though. >> bella does look like she is enjoying t mallary says vera may has her snow boots on. how cute? we love that, also, just little bit, we'll show you some. picks from our hour three of our snow, fox 29's snow, picks challenge. okay? so get creative. still have kim every minute to send it in. of course another update from sue. when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> tell me there is food upstairs, but you don't bring me anything. >> please, i have to wash this down. >> oh, okay. looking at the live shots across the area, looking at the snow, it is coming down. this is what we said would happen. oh, ya. grabbing a bagel over there, yep, look at it. >> and didn't he tell you, alex, he would just check on
8:24 am
the paying snell. >> oh, i will ' let you know, i know your a hungry, i'm hungry, and comes down with bagels for him and he's not sharing. lovely. lauren? >> i'm used to it, girl, my tv husband, i am weigh him every day. i know. >> you should have warned me. >> i know, i'll school you. >> but tweet about him, maybe put pictures up, we can show those, hey you guys doing great job using hashtag #fox29snow. getting all of your pictures in, we love it, start with there is seen a lot of animals this morning, this is from don't, a says, buttons, loves the snow day. she use that hashtag. gino the malt east has his own twitter page? looking outside, says, snow day! look at that morning hair. gino has. i know, bed head. four companies of clean snow, cup of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, mission together. have you guys ever tried that. >> has to be the condensed milk you use. >> condensed milling? >> looks good. >> ice snow?
8:25 am
what's it? she said snow ice cream. i never had it. >> we should maybe do that if we can? >> maybe we can try that. >> maybe lee meyer can go from paying tolls ice cream. lisa says oxford pa, bye grass, yes, the grass you can't see it, good layering, and good coating out there. this compute is her trying to give you the blues, i'm not going to let t jack johnson, winter wonderland. we don't know where it is, though, jack, but you can see lots of snow out there. the cars are getting covered. someone's going to get snowed (chris almost got plowed in this morning. leaving his car on market street. megan says: sophie is wondering where the snow s it is everywhere now, guys, i know at first just rain coming down. it is everywhere. thanks for your pictures, keep them coming, we'll continue to show them throughout the morning. >> of course lauren also getting pictures from our challenge, our snow fox 29 snow challenge. we just took our hour three pick. >> i'm all blurred up. >> i didn't even notice. >> selfie stick? >> i thought the selfie stick was supposed to keep it steady? >> my hand has to be steady is the thing. about this picture, i know, our challenge here, we had to
8:26 am
throw up the number three in all different ways. so that's where we're getting create live. >> sue and bob dan link those three's. >> steve keel any jersey how are things right now? >> hands deliver coffees. >> morning, everybody. >> what a nice guy. >> come on out to whole foods market this morning, we're open. >> staying open through the rest of the storm? >> try and stick it out, see how long we can get n see how long we can stay open. >> they saw that tweeted picture, poor old laid how left, and i said i would get her everything she needs she needs and deliver t but more from the whole foods at the elsburg shopping center when we see you next, thanks. >> thanks so much. >> now live shot, this is of the septa bus accident, we've wedge telling but, four people on the bus, who are injured, no, bob, that's not it? which one is this one then? >> i don't know which, that's not the septa bus accident on
8:27 am
the boulevard. >> oh, this one chestnut hill. this is the one, sent in to me, back up of cars on the roadways, he thought it was a parking lot on the roadway. >> you had mentioned earlier like germantown avenue there. right near bells mill road. we got a stuck truck, a septa bus got stuck, and then you get couple of cars behind it, what happens is the cars come up, like this guy, going around on the left lane, there he want to keep on moving. we'll check the rest of the roads, mass transit,
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
(tweet here: what's happening with the flower slow today? closed, open? just checked. open for business today at the pennsylvania convention center. i'm thinking if you're already in the city, that would be a great day to go to the flower show. may not be quite as crowded. so, snow day for bus stop
8:31 am
buddy. all bunt dollars up. with a one out of ten, in your weather by the numbers today. and it is just that bad out there. and it is getting worse. we have a band of heavier snow moving through chester, montgomery, bucks county, there, and then the sleet and freezing rain to the south of us, rain to the south of that, and we look little more in depth at all of that. look how temperatures have plunged in the poconos, it is now 17 degrees, we are area right at freezing in philadelphia, with 32, and same in wilmington, so, now, the snow is going to have a chance to pile up to the south of us, the rain is still changing over to snow. but, as the snow tapers off, this evening, we will see record low temperatures tonight. that's your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, already so many problems, it is getting bad out there. >> yes, it is. let's go to our news van, our jenny mobile here. traveling around, this is germantown avenue, where we had started off with a disable bus. >> where is that again, jess? right by the wood mere art
8:32 am
museum. >> into a snow drift, look at the other fellow up ahead, already stuck on ice, look at this nickel head, trying to go around. where does he think he's going? >> if you don't have to go out, stay in, enjoy the snow day. if we go for fly, 202, northbound, i got tweet from somebody at home saying you know what, stay home, and make that french toast, because we did get the milk, bread and eggs yesterday, right? >> of course. >> doesn't that look good? ya, we got a jackknife tractor-trailer here on the pennsylvania turnpike,
8:33 am
westbound, right near that route 29 slip ramp there. and again, mass transit, there is a handful of bus routes on detour, and the 35 bus is suspended, chris, alex, back to you. >> okay, thank up, bob. let's check back with steve keeley. now these, whole foods, open. >> reminding you tuesday was the year anniversary where i was drilled by that plow. >> right. >> and here i am, standing next to plows. but, i'm not stupid. as i said earlier, my momma didn't raise no mummy, i doug her rap. i'm only near employs not moving. so it took me a year, and that snow knocked some sense into me. by the way whole foods, they know me. they just made me kale shakes. boy doesn't that look yummy? everybody at hole -- home? smashed kale. anyway, i offered to pay. we're with one of the plow drivers. i was inducted into the new jersey plow drivers hall of fame for that last year, i just found out.
8:34 am
>> you're busy and waiting for the snow, so you can start plowing it. >> that's correct. >> it is coming down, but right now, we can't plow it now for the people just joining us, i have one of your men tell me you'll plow these piles, as high as they go. chris, come this way, around here, and show them how high the pile s about 20 feet now i climbed earlier, how high have you ever gotten the snow the most? >> have you her it fall back down on you? >> no, i have nod. >> all right, michelle, thanks. have fun today. >> so, up to 40 feet. so, when that gets to up 40 feet, jennifer joyce will come over here, with her family, and she will snow board down the he will berg shopping center, whole foods snow piles in the parking lot. she promises. >> drexel hill now, that's not
8:35 am
easy. that will said, department of transportation steve shapiro live on the phone, how dot jersey roads look, steve? >> good morning, new jersey roads are generally in good condition. >> traffic is moving, we really are wrecking that folks stay home. most of the people were stack? -- are doing, that schools have closed, traffic is light. that's definately helping our crews out there. >> what have you heard? offices closed to the in the garden state? >> yes, sir. steve shapiro, chang you for checking in. we appreciate t. >> one more picture to show, too, let's put it up.
8:36 am
this is from jacky. so, she's accepted the hour three challenge, she says, in oaks with buffy, but buffer i didn't like the snow. >> i just got a good one, but let's check in with quince. >> i so quincy harris, throughout and about. we check in with you at what 3:00 in the morning, just wearing jeans, you said you won't do wardrobe change, endure this stuff. five and however later hour are you doing? go doing good. come on, guys. like people doing real jobs back here. lining this, just talking about the people doing real jobs. i think my jeans will holdup. jen, jenn frederick said
8:37 am
8:38 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around,
8:39 am
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8:40 am
♪ >> more picks, from jenny, hashtag snow day. they are letting me watch. >> we have another one? maybe not. just keep tweeting us, use facebook, here we go, this is from tanya. sean waiting to go out in the snow. >> oh, look at that. >> raised eyebrow, cute kid. >> it is a cute kid. use the hashtag #fox29snow, of course. >> let's get back out to quincy harris live outside 30th street station. hi, quincy. >> hey, how are you guys doing? i just went inside. only two trains, canceled, one it harrisburg, one to dc. but, you know, a lot of the trains still on time, some actually boarding. it is still little fussy out here, very slippery, you know, the weather, has decreased
8:41 am
since we've been here. but out here like i said, we've seen it go from rain to freezing rain to now snow. and a lot of people, i was telling but the hard-working shove letters over there, they didn't want to talk. they said hey we have to get this stuff cleared for the people to come inside 30th street station. so, i want to commends those guys. we have people still delivering food, in and out of 30th street station. how are you doing,er? >> harold. >> where are you coming from today? >> northeast, up frankford. >> okay, so did it take you long time to get down smear. >> just getting off of of the l, not driving, i left my car home today. too nasty for. that will prepare for that. >> okay, so -- >> it is nasty, though, nasty, up there, and all the way through. >> did you get out of work early? >> no, no, no, no early let go. worked all night long. >> got you. >> all good though. >> getting home safe. hope everybody else gets home safe. >> exactly. they were telling me about me
8:42 am
wearing jeans. listen, you're working all night. >> exactly, exactly. >> you take care. >> you take care too. >> all right. well, guys, i mean, some hard workers out here. where is your hat? where is sure hat? >> i left it home, sir. >> you don't want to wear a coat, in the. >> no, i'll be headed home, so i just came to do a quiz and go back home. >> good luck. >> all right, back to you guys. >> he didn't opportunity wear a hat. >> what's that quote? they call me sir. >> ya. does that make you field old when someone calls you sir? >> that hurt my feelings. a lot. that hurt my feelings. i was looking around, maybe he is talking to harold. but he was talking to me. but now i have to show how hip i am. and in the words of drake, we're in it for the long hall. we're not stopping until we're finished. >> ya, but how about now? all right. >> how about thousand? >> look at you finishing off. all right. let's check in with jenn fred. and she's roving. where are you now, jen? >> how about now? >> so, we're on bells mill
8:43 am
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hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
8:46 am
>> no snow? jersey yet, but happy snow day. >> see, time when family can get time together. >> and watch frozen for the 16th time on dvd. >> probably. sick of the movie and sick of the snow. >> here are couple of pictures sent to us from swarthmore, delaware county. look at. that will the rales are really covered up yet. >> so let's check in with septa then. i'm sure getting around won't be easy today. but for a lot of people trying to use transportation. >> leather joins us with an update. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to the rales, are they affected right now with septa. >> right now the regional rail is actually pretty good. close to schedule most of the trains, looking at delays right now, 12 minute late, so really pretty good considering the weather conditions. and what's the update on that septa bus accident where four people were injured on roosevelt boulevard.
8:47 am
>> accident involving car that struck a septa bus, around pratt, and the boulevard, northbound, we had three passengers on the bus taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> any other accidents, though, this morning? >> no, no, actually we have the suspension, so taking precautions with the bus route as the weather makes the road conditions worse. >> too bad to safely operate the vehicles. >> live picture now, we find the bus stop here, this is posted right here, fourth and market. >> how long are the delays looking at think point. >> on the buses, you know, you just got to leave yourself extra time, you know, the bus operators are being very cautious, getting through the streets. as the snow continues to fall, it is not exactly clear out there right now, just lever
8:48 am
yourself plenty of extra time to get aroundment check the website system status section. gives you better idea. >> so the bottom line, the bus is coming, just mike take -- might take longer. >> difficult to drive your car. definitely difficult to drive a bus. >> hey heather, thanks so much. appreciate your time. >> be sure to check the septa websites. glad they're taking their time, when it comes to weather like this you want to be safer. main priority. checking the roadways, jenn fred roving around, telling us the situation on the roads, jen? >> here in chestnut hill, coming back down the road backward, okay? >> i believable. i've seen people try to get through snow? all kinds, look, how fast, this lexus is going. it is just unbelievable. what they are doing.
8:49 am
and so unsafe. my goodness. and he didn't make t but see how he's coming back down? third time we have seen the crown victorial coming i believe it is a he. he is coming all the way down the hill, backwards, in the snow. and then revving up, as opposed to going all the way around. you see cars are slipping, they're sliding, and they simply cannot make it up these hymns. it is not just the sedans like these guys, mike, one of the great photographers, he he had to physically get out of his car and help someone in a toyota highlander. that looks like an s.u.v. but, clearly, didn't have the power to get up the hills. i've never seen anything like it. look at this. this truck coming back down the hill, and we're right in the middle of it. we'll ' gel out of the way quite frankly.
8:50 am
then they'll try to go super fast to make these hills. i mean, it is insane. >> almost send some sort of police officer out there to curtail this from happening. you're right. this is accident wait to go happen. >> doesn't look good at all. >> jen, we'll stay on top of that. >> chris, when it rains in this area, they block off the roads because of flooding, because there are so many, look at this, there are so many, you know, ups and downs and dims. it can get flooded quite less eye. they do block off many of the roads. and mike and i were just saying, the photographer, we're surprised these roads aren't being blocked off. because look at this, pick-up trucks can't even get around in this. >> he's slide right now, losing traction. >> i'm getting nervous. >> get out of there, jen. >> okay. >> thank you, so of course we're staying on top of this storm, when will it end, sue serio, has your forecast, that's next. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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>> talking snow, snow, snow, but not snowing everywhere, as we've been showing you on radar, and here's our tweet, from hilda, says it is still raining here in cape may. no snow yet. but it is on the way. it is just that the change is happening from north to south. and we have that sleet area inbetween, it looks like, maybe the rain, has changed over to sleet, in most of cape may county, if it hasn't yet. it is probably now, and then still raining in sussex county, in delaware, look how much more we have of this storm. this area of snow, in tennessee, going to move up toward the north, the frontal system, has kind of stalled. so it will unable us to get some higher accumulations, amounts, than we did last time it snowed significantly. 16 degrees in mount pocono, 32 here in the city, so right at freezing, but look how far we've dropped in pottstown, now at 29 degrees, still
8:55 am
expecting about five to 8 inches, generally, for most of us in the metro area, few spots, could get a little bit more than that. but, it looks like we're on our way, bob kelly, as temperatures continue to fall, the snow will continue to pile up. >> hi, sue. good morning, everybody, 8:55. on this thursday morning, quick tour through the neighborhood. first looking out the front door. this is what you may see. northeast philadelphia, torresdale avenue. roads partially snow covered. if you are going to venture out, make sure to get all of the snow off. but, don't let this fool you. because, once you get to the major roadways, it is a totally different story. here is a live look, at the blue route, actually, 202, as you roll through chester county. again, snow covered roadways, what we're seeing now is that even though they put the salt down, there is not a lot of traffic volume. we've had light volume. part of that salt working, the
8:56 am
tires need to kind of churn that salt into the road surface, so, folks are staying home, and i suggest you do the same. we'll grab cup of coffee,
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
taking a live look at old city. >> see the wind is really coming down now. >> windward with the wind. i don't know. old city just one of the scenes that we're following for you. look at ultimate doppler. what a mess. >> yeah. on the top left, old city. top right, the pocono mountains. bottom left, philly international airport dealing with 300 cancelations there. and bottom right, chestnut hill. >> we are everywhere. >> you're everywhere. you started on the air at 3:00 this morning. >> i did. >> and we've just been busy every since. >> you joined me at 4:00.
9:00 am
>> yes. it's a marathon. we're going. >> all for you guys. thanks for keeping you safe. >> sue serio, did you get any sleep this week? >> oh, yeah. we fit it in between. we knew this had the possibility of being something significant, and it still does. which is why we have such a low number on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the best day every, this is a 1 today. because not only what's going on right now as conditions worsen, the fact that it's going to be continuing throughout the day. so here you see snow around the philadelphia area. to the south of us, still changing over to sleet and then eventually to snow from the rain that is still falling in southern delaware. this line keeps moving southward because the cold air is coming in from the north. as that air cools an the moisture keeps streaming in from the southwest, we're going to see the snow continue to accu


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